**Please keep in man's cure may be another man's poison. For example, while broccoli is great for calcium intake and estrogen clearance, it is NOT good for a woman with low thyroid function. Please pray and seek the Lord about ALL natural treatments.**

A. What does the term Hypoadrenia mean? From ‘Adrenal Fatigue’, by James L. Wilson, we read: ‘Hypoadrenia, from the root word “hypo” (lower) and adrenia (related to the adrenals), is a deficiency in the functioning of the adrenal glands. Normally functioning adrenal glands secrete minute, yet precise and balanced amounts of steroid hormones. But because they are designed to be so very responsive to changes in your inner physical, emotional and psychological environment, any number of factors can interfere with this finely tuned balance. This means that too much physical, emotional, environmental and/or psychological stress can deplete your adrenals, causing a decrease in the output of adrenal hormones, particularly cortisol. This lowered adrenal activity (hypoadrenia), resulting from adrenal fatigue, can range in severity all the way from almost zero to almost normal. The extreme low end of hypoadrenia, Addison’s disease, was named for Sir Thomas Addison, who first described it in 1855. It is life threatening if untreated and can involve actual structural and physiological damage to the adrenal glands. People suffering from Addison’s usually have to take corticosteroids for the remainder of their lives in order to function. Luckily, it is the rarest form of hypoadrenia with an occurrence of only about 4 persons per 100,000. Approximately 70% of cases of Addison’s disease are the result of autoimmune disease. The other 30% arise from a variety of other causes, including very severe stress.

B. What is Adrenal Insufficiency? Again, we read in James Wilson’s book: ‘Non-Addison’s hypoadrenia (adrenal fatigue) is not usually severe enough to be featured on TV or to be considered a medical emergency. In fact, modern medicine does not recognize it as a distinct syndrome. Nevertheless, it can wreak havoc with your life. In the more serious cases of adrenal fatigue, the activity of the adrenal glands is so diminished that the person may have difficulty getting out of bed for more than a few hours per day. With each increment of reduction in adrenal function, every organ and system in your body is more profoundly affected. Changes occur in your carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, fluid and electrolyte balance, heart and cardiovascular system, and even sex drive. Many other alterations take place at the biochemical and cellular levels’.

C. What are some common symptoms of adrenal fatigue/insufficiency:
1. Fatigue or muscle weakness
2. Depression
3. Lack of appetite or nausea
4. Memory problems and inability to concentrate
5. Inability to handle stress/fainting or becoming weak upon stressful situations
6. Consistent low blood pressure
7. Blood work that shows some dehydration
8. Dizziness
9. Headaches
10. Blood sugar disorders
11. Glassy eyes

D. What causes adrenal fatigue? From ‘Adrenal Fatigue’: ‘Adrenal fatigue, in all its mild and severe forms, is usually caused by some form of stress. Stress can by physical, emotional, psychological, environmental, infectious, or a combination of these. It is important to know that your adrenals respond to every kind of stress the same, whatever the source’.

What you have may not be full-blown Addison’s disease, but you could be on your way. This is what my son, Jared, had. After a migraine one evening, my son awoke the next morning without a real appetite, droopy and weak, and just not himself. I thought he was coming down with something, but this lasted for 3 months! With only a good day every now and then of wellness, my son was daily mildly nauseated, weak, unable to do school work because of an inability to concentrate (he would get a headache if he tried to), unable to go to church or to the store, barely able to get off the couch, and at times even cold and clammy to the touch. He would faint easily at simply being spooked or surprised. I also noticed that his eyes were glassy most of the time.

After several visits to his pediatrician (he was 10 years old), 2 visits to the ER (when he became cold, clammy, very glassy eyed and lethargic), I realized that this was going to be between God and us alone if he were to be healed or cured. Many days of fervent prayer revealed an answer…low adrenal function, brought on by the physical stress of the migraine. Blood tests at the ER confirmed some dehydration. It was through God’s sovereign guidance and direction that my son was able to get well. He did not have much of an adrenal reserve, so any normal physical exertion, even getting off the couch, required more cortisol and adrenal gland hormones than he had available.

It generally takes about 9 months to a full year to get a child in to see a pediatric endocrinologist here, so that was out of the question. A new pediatrician finally agreed to give us an ACTH test; the test that we had been asking for. He agreed after he saw that Jared’s blood pressure dropped upon standing, and was only about 90/50. This was funny, because when this blood pressure was taken, it was when Jared was feeling somewhat better than normal, so this told us that it was much, much lower on most days. This was serious. Anyway, by the time we got him in to get the ACTH test done, Jared was on the upswing, and alas…his test came out within range. But we knew that Jared had adrenal insufficiency…beyond the shadow of a doubt. We had begun to implement some natural treatments by the time we got in to have the ACTH test, and he was feeling better, thus the ‘within range’ results.

Natural treatments we did for my son when he was at his lowest:

1. Before breakfast – ¼ tsp. Iodized sea salt with glass of watered down organic apple juice (1/2 water and ½ juice mixture). He would lick the salt, then drink a bit of the watered down juice.
2. After breakfast – 2 Solaray brand Ester C capsules (not tablets), 500 mg each, ½ Pantothentic Acid capsule (Vit. B5), 2 Isocort tablets (raw adrenal supplement), and salt and apple juice (same as given before breakfast…see #1).
3. After lunch – Same as after breakfast, but with 1 Shaklee children’s vitamin.
4. After dinner – nothing.

We did this for several months, seeing improvement rather quickly, then weaned him down to 1 Ester C, 1 Isocort adrenal, and the Pantothentic Acid only with breakfast and lunch. This we maintained for the remainder of the year. We did not need to continue the salt and apple juice past approx. two weeks. Jared has been fully well for about a year and a half, and we don’t do anything on a daily basis anymore. We take action only if we see that he has stayed up too late at night, had any sort of illness or any physical stressors, or the like. Then we simply have him take a little of his natural treatments for precaution.

Praise and glory be to God. All thanks to Him.

This is much, much more common than people know. If you have any problem with fatigue, low blood pressure, and depression, please go to the following link, or contact me for our experience, or see the resources for study. The best natural treatment is Ester C (the powder in capsules), Pantothentic acid (vitamin B5), and Isocort (a raw adrenal extract) - with the iodized sea salt and organic juice for about a week or two (depend on prayer/results).


The National Institute for Health


Blood and/or urine tests the following adrenal hormones (epinephrines and the like), cortisol, glucose, insulin, and electrolytes – or saliva tests for morning, noon, evening cortisol, DHEAs. Saliva tests can be done through Dr. John Lee's website ( ), by clicking on 'saliva tests'. Please see an endocrinologist for some of these tests, as this is an endocrine problem and that is their specialty. 


The two most common kinds of anemia are pernicious anemia (Vit. B12 deficiency), and iron deficient anemia. I had iron deficient anemia. Anemia is a reduction of thte amount of hemoglobin in the blood, or the number of red blood cells. This means a reduction of oxygen, which means lack of energy, fatigue or weakness, and dizziness. Because of my heavy menstrual flow, I became anemic and was so for a long time. One of the best ways to bring up your iron levels, next to getting shots, is by consuming heme iron – found mostly in red meat, especially in liver. Make sure that it is beef liver from an animal that was not injected with hormones for antibiotics!

The best way to do this on a regular basis is to buy desiccated beef liver tablets. I found that the best one was from 'Nature's Life'. I bought another brand, and there was almost no iron in it, but rather a bunch of fillers. You can buy Nature’s Life online or call your local health food store and ask them to special order it for you if they do not carry it. It is from Argentinean cattle and does not contain hormones or antibiotics. Even though spinache and molasses contain iron, if you are enemic,you need higher doses and trying to bring up your levels quickly with spinache or molasses or any other iron containing food, is not enough. (Not to mention the high sugar content in molasses!)

I take the liver tablets as directed on label; two tablets three times a day. Please have your doctor monitor your iron levels if you take extra iron supplements. My internal medicine doctor wanted me to have mine checked every 6 months, but ask your doctor how often he wants you to be monitored. Heme iron is absorbed quickly and more efficiently. You only need to take the iron as long as the problem exists. For instance, if you are constantly bleeding heavily, you may need to ingest extra iron until you stop menstruating so heavily. You may find the extra iron helps with the heavy bleeding, as sometimes the anemia itself causes heavy bleeding.

Please have your doctor check your FERRITIN levels when checking your iron levels. You may be told that this is not necessary, but please be persistent. My base line iron test came out within range, but my ferritin was less than 14 - and normal is between 50 to 200. Most doctors want it above 50. So, when I just had a 'regular' iron level test, it did not seem like anything was wrong. But, lo and behold, my wise internal medicine doctor tested my storage (Ferritin levels), and we found out I was anemic. When I began to take the beef liver tablets, I was no longer fainting with my heavy flow, and was able to think and do things without being tired; it worked within a couple days. Nature's Life is good stuff. Chew the tablets, as yucky as they are. Beef liver tablets are also a good source of vitamin B-12, which means if you have pernicious anemia, this is a very good choice for it as well.

Natural Treatments for anemia:

Do not treat yourself for anemia unless blood tests have shown that you are indeed iron deficient.

1. Desiccated liver tablets
2. Floradix iron plus herbs
3. Beef liver

The Vegetarian Resource Group

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James Balch M.D.

Anemia profile with ferritin levels.

My arthritis symptoms cleared when I used Shaklee garlic to cleanse my liver and detox, and then Shaklee alfalfa tablets and Omega 3 fish oil for inflammation.

Natural Treatments for arthritis:

1. Ester C
2. Pantothentic Acid
3. Alfalfa tablets (be careful of the source)
4. Omega 3 fish oil
5. Dairy elimination
6. Exercise


Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James Balch M.D.
Chemistry panels, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, ESR or Sedrate), Rheumatoid Factor, HLA B27 Typing, Antinuclear Antibody (ANA),C-Reactive Protein (CRP), Lupus Erythematosus (LE) Test, Anti-CCP, Anti-DNA and Anti-SM.                                                                                   

If you have ever had a panic attack, then you know what I am talking about when I say that it is the most frightening experience you can imagine. General anxiety seems to be less intense and is many times predictable. A panic attack, however, can come from out of nowhere. No stressors in your life, nothing seemingly physically wrong, and then…BOOM! It is like a bomb going off inside. “What is it, where does it come from, and how do I stop it!?” Yes, I have been there in my past, as well as some of my siblings.

The following is from ‘Prescription for Nutritional Healing’ by James Balch M.D.: ‘A panic attack is an instance in which the body’s natural “fight or flight” reaction occurs at the wrong time. This is a complex, involuntary physiological response in which the body prepares itself to deal with an emergency situation. Stress causes the body to produce more adrenal hormones, especially adrenaline. The increased production of adrenaline causes the body to step up its metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to quickly produce energy for the body to use. IN addition, the muscles tense, and heartbeat and breathing become more rapid. Even the composition of the blood changes slightly, to make it more prone to clotting.

A person having a panic attack often is overwhelmed by a sense of impending disaster or death, which makes it impossible to think clearly. Other feelings that can accompany a panic attack include shortness of breath; a smothering, claustrophic sensation; heart palpitations; chest pain; dizziness; hot flashes and/or chills; trembling; numbness or tingling sensations in the extremities; sweating; nausea; a feeling of unreality; and a distorted perception of the passage of time’.

They are caused by the adrenal glands going off when they should not. Some of the causatives are low blood sugar, hyperthyroidism, periods of stress, high blood sugar or eating sweets, or by stimulants such as caffeine – which is found in chocolate! The last panic attack I had was YEARS ago, and was caused by a piece of chocolate cake. I don't touch chocolate anymore. It is a big turn-off to me now. Although I was highly addicted, the thought of having another panic attack was enough to make me buck up under the withdrawals and keep going. Now chocolate doesn't tempt me at all!

The reason low blood sugar causes it is that when your blood sugar is too low (you didn't eat enough protein or waited too long between meals), your adrenal glands kick in and put out some sugar...and some adrenaline. This adrenaline is what causes the heart to race and so on. It is stress on your body. If you noted that you did not eat enough protein with your dinner, or waited too long before you ate at any time during the day, and later have a panic attack, I highly suggest grabbing a peanut butter sandwich, or a cheese sandwich. You may need to add a little carb with it like a few salty potato chips or a little bit of milk. I do not drink juice, as this can make it worse. On more than one occasion, I began to have one and ate a nut butter or cheese sandwich and was fine within about 10 minutes.

On rare occasions, you may have one because you ate something that was very salty, like flavored potato chips with MSG or something, and the large amount of salt can raise your blood pressure and also perk up your adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are the main player in panic attacks!!

Again, KEEP A SYMPTOM DIARY! (See ‘Health Tips’ page). You will be amazed at what you find out about your body and its reaction to things. Thanks to the Lord, He has shown me what it was and how to take care of it. I haven’t had one in years, and I credit it mostly to total elimination of caffeine (yes…chocolate too!), and almost no sugar.

Natural Treatments for physiological panic attacks:

1. Caffeine elimination (this includes chocolate)
2. Sugar elimination (or reduction to only 1 day a week). Use a little raw honey instead.
3. Exercise (several days a week).
4. Multivitamin (I use Shaklee – contact me for information on Shaklee).
5. Eat plenty of protein and do not skip meals!
6. Large glass of water (if brought on by large meal containing lots of salt). Usually one large glass of water brings you back to earth within about 10-15 minutes).
7. Calcium/magnesium supplement before bed.
8. Reading material on panic attacks while having one (you would be amazed at how this helps).

Sorry, I can’t seem to find anything good.

Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by James Balch M.D.

Will Medicine Stop the Pain?, by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Laura Hendrickson, M.D. (For emotional panic attacks)

Same as adrenal. You may also want to consider asking your doctor to check your magnesium, calcium, and potassium levels, as low levels can cause heart palpitations. Pray, then ask your doctor for possible additional testing. An endocrinologist specializes in adrenal function.



Many physicians do not recognize hypoglycemia as a true genetic or physiological disorder, but rather a temporary symptom caused by eating too much sugar, or not eating enough food (called reactive hypoglycemia). This is partially true, as very dramatic, if not annoying symptoms can result from such. But I, personally, am not fully convinced that there is not, for some people, a predisposition from birth. The good news is, Hypoglycemia, or hypoglycemic symptoms, can be relieved and brought under control with a little self-control and self-discipline. I will share my experience, then let you check out the links for a more in-depth look at Hypoglycemia.

I have gone into hypoglycemic shock several times, not knowing the first couple times what it was. I was very, very, cold and shaking uncontrollably. My teeth were literally chattering, and I was totally disoriented. My heart began to race, and I just couldn’t pull my self together. I was cold and clammy, and I felt like I was going to lose consciousness. Fairly typical symptoms of shock. This ALWAYS took place after I waited too long to eat, had not eaten enough, or had hardly any protein in my last meal. The best thing you can do for yourself if you suspect blood sugar problems, is to buy a blood sugar monitor from your local drugstore. This has revealed so much to me about my health, as well as my son, Jared's! It even revealed why my husband was going to have a seizure one time. His blood sugar was very low because he did not eat enough. I immediately grabbed him a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk (for protein, sugar and fat), and he began to get better quickly and did not have the seizure!

QUIT EATING SUGAR AND TOO MUCH FRUIT!!!!! Use a little raw honey instead...only do not give it to a child under a year old. Yes, it will be difficult at first, as white sugar is not much better than...gulp...cocaine as far as addiction goes. I went through some serious withdrawal symptoms (for lack of better wording) when I quit sugar. Make it easy on yourself by making one day a week your 'sugar day', and keep to it. Don't overdo it on your 'sugar day' either, to make up for lost time. Now I rarely do a 'sugar day' anymore. Please don’t go to artificial sweeteners! They are a whole different sad story. I pretty much just quit sugar, used raw honey instead, stayed away from juice and eat very little fruit, exercise and take a multivitamin from Shaklee. (If you are interested in Shaklee nutritional supplements, please email me.) I eat protein for lunch and dinner, and sometimes for breakfast. I always have something in my purse to snack on, and try to never skip a meal or go too long between meals. If I had an attack, I would grab either a nutbutter sandwich with a little jelly and some milk, or a cheese sandwich and a few potato chips to bring up my levels.

I found that spring water is the best for me to drink. Drinking too many glasses of water (a new fad), can be very dangerous for the hypoglycemic and others, though. Also, Dr. Lam said not drink distilled water on a regular basis as it leaches out minerals from the body after a while. He was right. It is a real good way to bring down your blood sugar levels and start shaking, not to mention your sodium levels.

Natural Treatments for Hypoglycemia:

1. Chromium piccolinate
2. Multivitamin
3. Quit sugar and high carbs
4. No white bread/pasta
5. No fruit juice
6. Plenty of protein
7. Exercise


(Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts):
Hypoglycemia Support Foundation

Prescription For Nutritional Healing by James Balch M.D.


 Glucose, insulin, comprehensive metabolic panel and many more. Pray, then ask your doctor for possible additional testing.


The body naturally has several kinds of yeast. Candida Albicans is only one of them. The problem appears to be that many people are having an overgrowth of the Candida Albicans, and it is causing allergic reactions in the body. There are many symptoms, because when the body takes offense at something inside of it, various symptoms result.

Most of the time it is because of antibiotic use, which kills good bacteria, which keeps Candida in check. So, naturally it would make good sense to kill the over invading Candida Albicans and replenish the good bacteria by taking a quality probiotic supplement. Look on the label for the date of manufacture, because you will find that it only guarantees that the bacteria are live at time of manufacture. Shaklee has a probiotic that is encapsulated and has been tested and found to make it past the stomach acid and to the intestine - where it should go. Many other probiotics end up being killed in the digestive tract before it ever makes it to the intestine. Yogurt is fine, but not the yogurt that is non-organic, and NOT the yogurt with sugar! Yogurt is not always the best way to get the probiotics, especially if you have a sensitivity to dairy, so you may want to add a little extra supplementation as well. You can add a little raw honey and vanilla flavoring to plain organic yogurt or plain organic kefir.

If I ate anything with yeast, sugar, or fruit, or containing cheese, I would itch in my throat and the roof of my mouth, and a little in my ears at night. When I quit eating foods made with yeast (crackers, breads made with yeast, pretzels, etc…) and sugar and fruit for a period of time, and used garlic, all these symptoms went away. Brain fog, fatigue…you name it. See garlic tips above for more information. I do need to mention that all garlic supplements are NOT created equal. I use Shaklee. I use it a couple weeks out of every month now. Contact me for more information on Shaklee.

One common mistake people make with Candidiasis treatment is to kill it off, but never take probiotics to keep it under check, so it keeps coming back.


Secrets Revealed Health Forum
Candida Alternative Medicine
Case Studies Candidiasis
Probiotics: Nature's Internal Healers by Natasha Trenev

Prescription For Nutritional Healing by James Balch M.D.

Vaginal culture, stool test (you can order your own and have it done by a lab online. Please visit
Entero Lab.

(There are more tests to ask for, but I suggest praying and then asking your naturopath or physician about these, as there are many different ones.)


‘Fibromyalgia’ is a term used to identify a group of symptoms. It is not a disease in and of itself. One thing is certain: there are numerous individuals who have had Fibromyalgia symptoms to a greater or lesser degree who have become well, no longer experiencing any symptoms. Another thing is certain as well: the majority of those who became well did so, not because of a medicine or surgery, or by doing nothing, but by altering their diets and lifestyles. Self-discipline and self-control were an essential part of their success.

Relieving oneself of Fibromyalgia symptoms, like any other ailment, will rarely happen as a result of taking a single supplement or changing one small thing in your life, it generally takes a ‘whole person’ approach, meaning a change in diet, natural supplementation, and exercise. Most importantly, it takes a lot of prayer and guidance from the Lord, and after that, study and research, including keeping a daily diary (see ‘Health Tips’ page). For instance, I had Fibro symptoms but it wasn’t just one thing I ate, took, or did that relieved it. It was after much prayer, a change to a mostly organic diet, Shaklee vitamins, garlic, and Omega 3 fish oil, and occasional alfalfa tablets along with exercise that I found full relief. I also now flush out my kidneys and help my liver by drinking a room temperature glass of spring water every morning upon wakening, instead of rushing to breakfast. I have absolutely no more symptoms. The garlic does wonders for many things (see ‘Garlic’ above).

So, what is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic disorder of sorts. It is characterized by achy muscles and joints, generally in the areas of the lower back, neck, thighs or shoulders – but not limited to these areas. Many women say that they are in pain all over. The pain is many times accompanied by stiffness and is worse in the morning. I used to feel like a Mack truck hit me every morning when I awoke, and I did not want to get out of bed. There are usually certain spots that are painful to the touch. Oftentimes fatigue, insomnia, memory problems, dizziness and other symptoms accompany it. Depression usually takes place as a result of the pain and fatigue. Females suffer more than males. Basically, it wreaks havoc on many women’s lives.

Some propose that the Epstein-Barr virus may be involved, as a large number of women have had mononucleosis in the past. I was checked for EBV, and my blood test showed that I did indeed have antibodies to it, and I recall having it when I was younger. Still, others believe that Candidiasis plays a huge role, and I tend to agree with that as I found Fibro forums where many women talked about quitting sugar, fruit, and gluten and faired very well. Gluten was quite a problem for some. You can do a google search on ‘Fibromyalgia gluten’ and see for yourself.

The role exercise plays in treatment cannot be downplayed. An elderly lady friend of mine simply began to swim nightly and improved her Fibro symptoms. She was not completely free, but she said it definitely helped.

You will also find a link to information on magnesium supplementation for Fibro treatment below, but please consider more than just adding magnesium to your plan, unless you have been tested and shown to have a deficiency. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer, and has helped some women, which is fine, but you don’t want to have to take it the rest of your life, as it has to be balanced with calcium, and if you are not deficient, you shouldn’t need to take it forever. Try to get to the root of the problem; the cause.

Most of all, pray and ask the Lord to reveal the best plan of action for you personally. An endocrinologist or orthogonal chiropractor or naturopath is your best bet.

Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia:

1.Gluten elimination
2.Candidiasis diet – including elimination of any artificial or processed sugars, even sucralose.
3.Organic diet
4.Orthogonal Chiropractic
5.Elimination of all goitrogen containing foods: BROCCOLI, CABBAGE, CAULIFLOWER, RADISHES AND SOY. These suppress the thyroid and cause fatigue, which is the last thing you want to do.
6.Exercise program. Swimming is great, but any movement. Brisk walking is a good start.


Conneticut Center for Health
National Fibromyalgia Association
Whole Health MD
Magnesium Supplementation for Fibromyalgia (History of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic)

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James Balch M.D.

Free TSH levels – T3 and T4, Epstein-Barr virus antibodies, and adrenal tests (shown above under 'Adrenal Insufficiency'), and stool test for gluten intolerance. Pray, then ask your doctor for possible additional testing.


Symptoms of Hypothyroidism include fatigue, memory and concentration problems, difficulty swallowing or a lump in the throat, low body temperature, oversensitivity to cold weather, heavy and/or painful periods (a dear friend’s periods are better when she takes her Thyroid meds and the thyroid is functioning where it should be), slow heart rate and low blood pressure, weight gain or inability to lose weight, milky discharge from the breasts, dry skin, hair loss, yellow bumps on the eyelids (I still have one that I am currently working on getting rid of), constipation, and slow speech.

I had a consistently low body temperature for a long time, which is a symptom. It was 95 degrees under the arm normally, when 97.6 degrees under the arm is the norm. I also checked my temperature orally, and it was low. It should be 98.6 orally. One time, when I had just gotten over a case of the flu, which I almost never get, my body temperature dropped to 94 degrees and I became very shaky, weak, and disoriented. I knew what to do, however, and quickly grabbed some iodized sea salt and some watered down organic apple juice, and licked the salt in my hand (approx. ¼ to ½ tsp), and sipped the drink. I also took ½ capsule of Natural Sources Raw Thyroid supplement. This contains not only raw thyroid gland from bovine sources, but also raw adrenal, raw spleen, raw pituitary, raw thymus and kelp, as the thyroid is only one gland among many in the endocrine system, and they all work in sync, so oftentimes treating only 1 symptom or gland is not appropriate.

I also had Thyroiditis a couple times a long time ago, where I felt like I had a lump in my throat, and like I couldn’t breathe when I lay down. It came with strong fatigue. I went to a walk-in clinic, and they tested my thyroid levels and said they were within range. Hmmmm. Strong, solid indications of Thyroiditis, yet my tests came out ‘normal’? The next time this happened, I went to my family doctor and he was the one who diagnosed Thyroiditis.

Thyroiditis is a viral or bacterial infection of the thyroid. So, why did my test come out normal when I was having obvious thyroid problems? Hashimoto’s disease is where the body becomes allergic to thyroid hormone. It generally causes the goiter swelling in the neck.

Testing of TSH levels will reveal an elevated TSH usually.

Three ways you can test yourself at home are:

1. Take a drug store iodine tincture (it is colored) (2%, 3%) and swab an amount equal to about the size of a silver dollar on your stomach and write down the time you put it on there. Keep track of how many hours it takes to fade. If it is still mostly there after 24 hours, you most likely are not hypo. The more quickly it fades, the more apt to be Hypo.
2. Take your morning body temperature under your arm. Lie still. Wait at least 10 minutes, unless it is an automatic digital one. A normal under the arm temperature is generally 97.6. Anything less may indicate low thyroid function.
3. Blood spot testing:
ZRT labs

Natural Treatments for Hypothyroidism:

1. Kelp
2. Iodized sea salt
3. Armour thyroid tablets
4. Natural Sources thyroid tablets
5. Elimination of the following goitrogen foods, which suppress the thyroid function: BROCCOLI, CABBAGE, CAULIFLOWER, RADISHES, AND SOY.
6. Garlic tablets (Shaklee is best), to clean and detoxify body

**NOTE….I took charge of my own health regarding Hypothyroidism. I do not suggest you do the same unless you have prayed and done your research. I don’t want anyone going and buying a bottle of raw thyroid and chugging it down and ending up in the hospital because of heart palpitations from taking too much too fast. Pray, research and be tested first, or see a naturopathic physician. Some MDs actually prescribe natural thyroid supplementation in the form of Armour Thyroid tablets, and they can monitor you. If you are not sure about treating yourself, then find a doctor who will prescribe the Armour instead of the synthetic thyroid hormone.


Dr. Lam
Dr. Abraham MD and Dr. Brownstein MD(Vitamin C improving defective cellular transport mechanism for iodine) (How the thyroid works)

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James Balch MD

Autoantibodies, TSH, T4, T3, Thyroid antibodies. Free T3 and Free T4. Pray, then ask your doctor for possible additional testing.


(You MUST visit this site! : )
There are several common reasons for this:
a)Endometrial Hyperplasia (Caused by too much estrogen over-stimulating the endometrial lining to build up.)

Medically speaking, many women opt for either synthetic hormones - generally a progestin - to lower estrogen levels, or surgery. An ablation is another option, which is the burning of the endometrial lining so that the woman will no longer have a period, or have only a very light one, because the lining no longer builds up. I almost had one myself, and I understand why women have them. Before you go through such drastic measures, however, please consider some of the natural things that have helped me and many others immeasurably.

Natually speaking, if you have Endometrial Hyperplasia, Endometriosis or Adenomyosis, you can use raspberries, cherries (good for toning the uterus and somehow causing less bleeding), Indole-3 Carbinol (a natural mixture made from dried vegetables which lowers estrogen levels - works great and my naturopath said she never had anyone have side effects), and/or a product called 'Slow Flow' by Vitannica (an herbal mixture which slow down bleeding - works wonders!!!). Also, alfalfa and vitamin K are very good for heavy bleeding, as is Vitamin A, but Vitamin A must be used carefully. The ‘Slow Flow’ has high amounts of Vitamin A.

UPDATED 01-18-10 Personally, this is what I do NOW...


1. Shaklee mulitvitamin with iron (18 mg).
2. Shaklee alfalfa (12 tablets daily - chewed)
3. Shaklee B vitamin (1/2 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1/2 dinner)
4. Shaklee Omega 3 fish oil (3-5 daily)
5. Ester C (or Buffered vitamin C)500 mg 3X day.
6. Shaklee garlic (2 a.m. and 2 in p.m.) I stop this when on my period, as garlic thins the blood. I don't need a double-blind placebo study, I know from experience.
7. (If I was anemic, or feeling weak or dizzy during period, I would take iron bisglyconate chelate or reacted iron 25 mg. daily with lunch in addition to a multivitamin with iron daily. I would take until symptom disappears.)

1.Day 14 of period:

a)I start using ProGest 'Paraben Free' progesterone cream(I stop when my period starts). I only use about 1/8 tsp every evening before bed, because I am small. Most women use it twice a day, once after breakfast or lunch, and then right before bed. Many women also use 1/4 tsp as opposed to the small amount I use.

2.Day I start my period:

a)I start taking my Nature's Life beef liver tablets (two tablets chewed three times a day with a little water to help me chew it)- or - I take iron bis-glyconate chelate tablets - 25mg. with lunch every day of period. This helps keep me from becoming anemic. See 'Anemia' above for info. on beef liver helping with heavy flow and anemia.

b)I start taking 2 'Slow Flow' tablets (from Vitannica - you can buy it online or in some health food stores)during the heavy flow time, which means for about 2 days. I take 2 tablets every three hours, or I take 2 tablets the first hour then take just one every hour or two until nightime - keeping track of how many I take on a piece of paper, so that I do not exceed the amount the bottle suggests. This is how my naturopath told me to take it.(NOTE: 'Slow Flow' contains a large amount of Vitamin A, so do not take any other supplements with Vitamin A during use.) LADIES, IF I HAD ONLY 1 THING TO TAKE FOR MY HEAVY FLOW, OR COULD ONLY AFFORD 1 THING...IT WOULD BE THIS!!!! SLOW FLOW IS AMAZING AT SLOWING DOWN THE FLOW!!!

c)I take an extra vitamin C (Ester or buffered) with each meal. So, instead of taking the 500 mg. with each meal like on a normal day, I take 2 500 mg. capsules during my period. Vitamin C strengthens the capillary walls, helping to control heavy bleeding because of weak walls.

Natural Treatments for Heavy Bleeding:

1. Slow Flow herbal mixture (See below under ‘Online Resources’)

2. Beef liver or liver extract (If anemia is diagnosed)
3. Vitamin K (Alfalfa tablets)
4. Ester C or Buffered C
5. Iron bis-glyconate chelate - or reacted iron

**NOTE - You do not need to do all of these treatments, but pray about which ones to start with. Read more on when and how to use the progesterone cream under 'Endometriosis - My Success Story'.

Different natural treatments for heavy bleeding:

For ‘Slow Flow’ information/ordering:

Sorry, none at this time.


Endometrial Biopsy, Anemia Profile, Saline Sonohysterogram, Vaginal Ultrasound, Laparoscopy (for Endometriosis - this is a big test involving anesthesia...a test I opted out of because of my strong family history of Endometriosis and my exact symptoms with family members.), and test for thyroid function (see hypothyroidism above). Pray, and then ask your doctor for possible additional testing.

(UPDATE AND NOTE!! :  You may need to avoid the enzymes until the ulcer heals.  Aloe vera juice is good for ulcers as well as raw garlic to kill H Pylori, which most ulcer victims have.  Also, the simple use of baking soda and water throughout the day helps to alkalize the stomache, and the H Pylori cannot thrive or live in an alkaline stomach, and it also helps the ulcer to heal as it reduces the stomac acid. A simple breath test by your physician can detect whether or not you have H Pylori.) 


Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James Balch


1. Barium swallow is a radiological test used if symptoms include dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing). The patient drinks a solution containing barium, which is visible under x-ray. This test allows physicians to view the esophageal lining and may reveal an ulcer or narrowed portion.

2. Upper endoscopy (esophagoscopy) identifies lesions not identified by barium. A physician examines the esophagus through a flexible viewing tube. Biopsies are taken during the procedure if there is suspicion that GERD has progressed to cancer.

3. Esophageal manometry determines proper functioning of the esophagus and lower esophageal sphincter. A physician passes a catheter through the nose and esophagus into the stomach. The patient drinks a small quantity of water. The catheter is slowly withdrawn while measurements are made of the peristaltic activity of the esophagus and the pressure of the lower esophageal sphincter.
4. Ambulatory pH recording of the esophagus may be done over 24 hours to determine the quantity and strength of the reflux. During this test, devices are used to measure the acidity of the reflux.

Please ask your doctor or naturopathic physician for further testing, including the H Pylori test.



Supplementing your diet with vitamins, minerals and herbs will significantly increase your life span. These agents to diet cannot replace proper nutrition, but aid and abet a healthy life extension.

Not all nutrients are anti-aging supplements per se. Anti-aging supplements address and prevent any possible deterioration in the cells that may accelerate the aging process.
The fact that supplements could aid in preventing certain disease has not always been known. Between 1500 B.C and 1900 A.D, it was observed that certain foods prevented some diseases. Egyptians used liver to ward off night blindness. From 1890 to 1900 the relationship between the lack of certain foods and disease became established. For instance, polished rice (lacking in thiamine) caused beriberi. The years 1900-1948 were known as the golden age of vitamin discovery. Many techniques for perfecting the production of vitamins, such as isolation and synthesis, were pioneered. In 1933, the first commercial synthesis of Vitamin C occurred.
Up until recently many fallacies existed about vitamins and minerals. Following here below are three such basic misconceptions in this field. First, vitamins are a catalyst and therefore are needed in very small doses since they can be recycled almost indefinitely. Second, vitamins are needed only to prevent deficiency diseases such as Vitamin C for scurvy and nicotinic acid for pellagra. Third, large doses are not needed and are dangerous.
In fact, optimum doses of vitamins should be used in both prevention and optimum health. These doses vary from very small to very large (e.g. 10 mg nicotinic acid needed to prevent pellagra, but 1000 mg to prevent recurring chronic pelagra). Furthermore, there is no optimum dose for the whole population. It depends upon age, sex, type of illness, type of stressors. Another discovery found that vitamins have activity which appear to be unrelated to their properties as vitamins.

Before advancing any further, a word on the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) will be forthcoming. The RDA is the measured amount or dosage of nutrient per vitamin and minerals recommend. The U.S. federal government sets these levels . The RDA indicates the amount of vitamins and minerals needed to prevent common deficiency diseases (such as rickets or scurvy) for the average person. The average person assumes that you are an adult under 60 years old who is in good health, has normal digestion, isn't overweight, leads a relatively stress-free life, has no medical problems, does not need any medication, and eats a good diet everyday of 2,000 calories per day (most older people eat less than 1500 calories per day).
Needless to say, most of us don't fit into the definition of the average person defined by RDA. In fact, most adult women don't meet the RDA for zinc, Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin E; likewise, most adult men don't meet the RDA for zinc and magnesium. Fewer than 29% of people eat 5 fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Furthermore, 20% of the people don't eat ANY fruits or vegetables at all.

The question then naturally becomes Is RDA sufficient for anti-aging? We feel that in general, RDA is inadequate if your goal is for prevention of heart disease, cancer, cataracts, arthritis and other age related diseases. For optimal anti-aging intake, many health practitioners are recommending many times higher than the RDA on certain nutrients. At this point allow us a note on measuring vitamin levels. Ordinary blood tests are not adequate to tell us the true level or functional level of each vitamin. You can be "normal" based on blood level and lack the amount needed for optimum metabolic function, especially for anti-aging purposes.

It's no secret that for the majority of the U.S. population, the diet is poorly lacking in essential nutrients. Half of all Americans past sixty years are deficient in Vitamin A, C, and E, even by minimum standard RDA. As we age our body run out of steam; therefore, we need more nutrients. Growing old itself can even be viewed as a vitamin deficiency disease of monumental magnitude. Worse, these deficiencies have virtually been ignored for the past century. To add to this perplexity, it has been learned that food cannot give us all the vitamins and minerals we need to slow down aging. Additionally, nearly all Americans are deficient even in the minimal RDA requirements, and are therefore exposed to premature death. Moreover, vitamins and minerals in anti-aging are remarkably safe and free of side effects if taken properly. Vitamins and minerals work together synergistically to slow down aging. There is no one anti-aging miracle vitamin or mineral.

The answer posed to the question in the heading above is plain: You simply cannot get enough of some of vitamins and minerals in regular or anti-aging dosages, even if you eat a healthy anti-aging diet (50% fruits and vegetables, 25% protein, and 25% fat). The following information on several important vitamins and minerals shows why dieting alone cannot give you enough vitamins and minerals to promote anti-aging. For Instance, take Vitamin E -one would need a daily intake of 5,000 calories per day (mostly fat) in order to get 400 IU ; or take chromium - a daily intake of 5,000 calories per day to get the minimum requirement of 50 mcg per day.Zinc - a daily intake of 2,400 calorie per day is needed just To get the recommended 200 mcg of chromium, you would have to consume more than 12,000 calories per day!  to reach its RDA; magnesium - intake of 2,000 calorie per day is needed to get enough magnesium; coenzyme Q-10 - intake of 1 pound of sardines or 2.5 pounds of pancreas to get 30mg of CoQ-10 (healthy people need 30mg and chronic patients need 50-150 mg). From this short catalog it is evident that taking supplements is a more reasonable and convenient way to provide you with the necessary optimum level of these nutrients.

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**I am not a medical physician, nor am I giving medical advice. This is for informational purposes only, based on research done, and the personal experiences of myself and my family. Please ask your naturopthic physician or medical doctor to monitor your health. Most importantly, pray and ask the Lord, The Great Physician, what you should do regarding your health! Adrenal Fatigue by James L. Wilson. It is a must read!



When hydrochloric acid refluxes from the stomach (where it should be digesting food) up into the esophagus, there is a burning sensation, and the throat and esophagus can become very irritated.

My son, Jared, never spit up for the first month of his small life. Then I unwittingly started him on the liquid infant vitamins that my pediatrician gave me, and he spit up from that point on, off and on, until he was about 11 years old! He projectile vomited at first, then when he was several years old, he would vomit into his mouth and swallow it back down again so that I never knew it was still happening. I kept wondering what he was doing, and one day asked him to spit out whatever was in his mouth. A rancid, foul smelling vomit-like substance appeared in the sink. I know, this is graphic, but perhaps another mother can relate. So he had been doing this for years! I took him to his pediatrician who brushed it off as a ‘sensitive gag reflex’ that he would outgrow. I asked, “How long should I wait for him to ‘outgrow’ this?” as Jared was already about 5 years old. He then told me that it may be about a year or so, but that if he didn’t stop doing it, he would start him on meds. Hmmmm. I don’t want a Band-Aid for life’s ills, I want to know the root cause of the problem so I can tackle it and fix it if possible.

The hydrochloric acid that the stomach contains is a very strong acid and is used to break down the foods we eat so that they can pass on down through the small intestine, etc., where more enzymes help to break it down even further. So, why is the stomach catapulting the food (along with the hydro acid) back up the throat? Think about this: If the body is functioning properly, then there is only one occasion where the stomach is supposed to vomit, catapult, or reflux the food back up. That is…when it ingests something that is not supposed to be there because it is harmful or because the stomach cannot digest it and break it down. If the stomach does not vomit or catapult it back up, then it goes down into the small intestine and quickly out the large intestine because the body is saying, “Oh no! I can’t handle this…get it out of here quick!”… thus diarrhea.

So, if we eat something that the body should recognize as usable and digestible, why then is it acting as though it can’t/shouldn’t? My first question is, “Are there the proper enzymes in the right proportion to break it down?” So many forums and websites I have visited on babies and young children with varying degrees of acid reflux mention that their child has a problem with his esophagus. How do they know that for certain? What proof or evidence is there that that is truly the problem? Was there a test done on the esophagus? It is my personal belief (no, I am not a physician) that it has more to do with the hydrochloric acid and enzymes in the stomach than with the esophagus. It would make more sense that the food is not being digested properly, and the stomach is not willing or able to keep it in there. God designed the stomach to break the food down, and then pass it on down the digestive system line. He also designed it to spit back up (or down) anything that does not digest or should not be there.

All that to say, I had Jared try a med for reflux, prescribed by another pediatrician, to no avail. But when, after prayer, I came upon a digestive enzyme on the counter of my local health food store, and was compelled to buy it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it – within a day – began to eliminate his reflux after 11 years of suffering from it. I only needed to give it to him once or twice a day, and only ½ capsule ( ½ dose), for about a week. Jared rarely spits up anymore. There is an occasional, maybe once a month, reflux when he has something acidy for breakfast. It is rare. The enzymes we used were from ‘Enzymedica’ and the kind was ‘Digest’. The have a ‘Kids Digest’ also, and although I don’t have experience with that one, that may be the best one to start with for infants/children. Ask your naturopath. I have personally tried other digestive enzymes, and they were too much…I would feel like I was hungry again only an hour later. Perhaps there were too many enzymes that my body did not need. So…there is Jared’s experience for whatever its worth.

Natural Treatments for Gerd / Acid Reflux / Heartburn:

1. Enzymes by ‘Enzymedica’ Digest(Contains multiple enzymes)
2. Single enzymes – Papaya tablets, Pancreatin tablets, Bromelain tablets
3. Don’t drink a lot of liquids with meals, especially water
4. Stay away from spicy foods for a while, or take enzymes right before spicy meal.
5. Raw organic apple cider vinegar – 1 tsp to 1 tbl on empty stomach (or take with meal if you have indigestion)
6. Try to avoid fried foods and fatty foods