I began to have severe cramping pain with every period after my third child. I also began to have severe bleeding (see illnesses/symptoms page under 'heavy bleeding' to see what I do for this). I had to just lay in my bed with a heating pad on my belly, and a bottle of Advil on my nightstand. When I talked to one of my sisters about this, she mentioned that she and another sister and a niece had the same exact symptoms and had laparoscopies and were diagnosed with endometriosis. Since my symptoms were exactly like theirs, I opted out of the lap because I do not do well with anesthesia. I realize that since I did not have the lap, and thus a medical diagnosis, many may say, "Well then who are you to say that your natural treatments help endometriosis pain!" There are many women that I know personally, and countless others that I don't, who have had amazing relief with these natural treatments, and they have had the lap. The following protocol is the most common natural treatment for lasting relief for pain, PMS, and other hormonal problems related to endometriosis:
NATURAL PROGESTERONE CREAM(ProGest brand, 'paraben free'):
Many naturopaths and medical doctors recommend women start using the cream on day 8 of their period and use it up until the start of their next period. I opted to go the most natural route, and that is to start on day 14 and use it sparingly at first, and then gradually increase it up to about 1/8 tsp. (I am small, this is the lowest dose). This is closer to the way our body's own natural progesterone rises and falls. You can find out more about using natural progesterone cream by visiting Dr. John Lee' website or by reading his book. Both can be found on my 'Resources' page.
This plays a huge role in putting the 'good prostaglandins' in our bodies, which reduce inflammation. When I added this several months after I had already started the cream, I then found complete pain relief. I use Shaklee Omega 3. If you are interested in Shaklee, please email me. They are very stringent on testing their fish oil for mercury and other contaminents, and I am very careful about not just buying any old Omega 3 fish oil out there!
Is saying I was an addict too much? No! I went cold-turkey off of sugar (including brown sugar and ANY sugar substitute), and gave myself one 'sugar day' so I would not go crazy. It was harder than quitting smoking, which I did many years ago before I became a Christian. Much harder. The chocolate addiction was even harder, but I quit that forever. I don't touch chocolate anymore. It is the absolute worse thing you can eat during your period.

Now, I don't crave either at all, and use raw honey instead in everything, including recipes. I rarely eat sugar these days. Read my page 'Endometriosis' for more information on eliminating sugar and coffe for endometriosis pain.
I use Shaklee vitamins, and Ester C (buffered vitamin C) in the capsules, and occasionally their garlic tablets. Ester C is the best form of vitamin C out there. I also take Shaklee's B Complex and their alfalfa tablets.  I take Blue Bonnet liquid calcium/magnesium at bedtime.
Our bodies are at different levels physically, but I personally jog - in place, on a treadmill or outside -  stretch, and dance to praise music.  I try to do a 25 minute slow jog every weekday.  Just pray and ask the Lord what the best exercise routine is for you.
  UPDATE JAN. 2012  I have been jogging for several years now, but most recently I have been jogging 3-4 miles.  My goal is to do a 10 k soon.  This is a far cry from when I first started years ago and could not even jog down 1 block!  The vitamins and supplements have been a God-send!  If I can do it, so can you. I am 47 now and healthier than I was when I was 30.

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