Are you SURE you're saved?!

     It is imperative that you know!  It is not enough to just believe in the existence of God, for even Satan does.  Is Satan saved? Surely not.  It is not enough to go to church, for anyone can walk into a building and sit down and listen to any message.  Warming a pew or tithing does not save you.  Even if you believe that Jesus is God's son, it will not save you, for again, even the devil knows that.  You must have come to a point in your life when you realized that you were a sinner, and were repentant and turned to the Lord for forgiveness.  If you have never had an experience where you were truly 'born-again' and your views, ways, and thoughts began to change radically and noticeably, then you need to examine yourself.  Like the scripture says, 'If any man is in Christ, he is a NEW creation.  The old has gone - the new has come'.  Many have prayed the 'sinner's prayer' and started going to church, without really having been saved - noted by the lack of a real change in their life patterns and ways.  They still talk, dress, and live the same way as the unbeliever. 

     The Bible says that when Adam and Eve sinned, it separated them from Him.  He had created them for 'His good pleasure', which means that He delighted in their friendship!  Imagine that.  He takes a personal interest in us humans.  He is not a distant, cold judge ready to squash us if we are not 'good enough'.  Yet, He is also a just judge.  A just judge would not let an innocent person go free.  It wasn't only Adam and Eve that sinned, my friend, you have, too.  You have the same inherent rejection of God inside of you as Adam and Eve did.  So do I.  So much for the 'I'm a good person' excuse.  I mean, think about it: Did you ever notice that a small child does not need to be taught how to whine, fuss, grab, lie, or take what does not belong to them?  It comes naturally.  However, a child must be taught to say, "Please" and "Thank you" and to share, as these things do not come naturally.  Hmmm.  Makes you think.  Maybe the modern teaching that man is 'inherently good' is wrong after all. 

     God is pure and clean and we are all like muddied waters.  None of us has kept all His commands.  We, in and of ourselves, cannot do anything to make ourselves pure enough again to restore our relationship with Him or spend eternity with Him in His perfect Heaven.  No matter how many little old ladies we  help across the street or how much money we give to charity, it does not 'erase' the wrongs!  We would be shocked if a thief went before the judge and said, "Gee, I'm sorry that I stole, judge, but yesterday I mowed my neighbor's lawn'!  That just judge would be unjust if he let him go.  He did wrong, and there always has to be a penalty/payment for wrong.  In our world, the person who did the wrong is the one who only make sense.  But imagine this - that thief comes in before the judge and the judge says, "You have done wrong, young man. What you  have done is wrong, and by law you need to be punished.  But I will have my own son, who is pefect and pure and has no sin, take your place, so that you can walk out of here free."  Unbelievable!  Yet that is what Jesus did on the cross.

     So the question is, how do you get Jesus to take your penalty? What do you have to do to be forgiven of your sin?  The Bible says several things, but mainly says, 'Repent and be converted'.  It also says to 'Call upon the name of the Lord.'.  It also says to 'believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved' (this word 'believe' does not mean merely to believe in the existence of, but to 'trust in').  The Bible also says that it is the Lord who leads us to repentance, and the Holy Spirit who convicts us of sin.  So, dear friend, ask God to help you examine your life (your deeds and your ways) and open your eyes so you can see your sin.  Ask the Lord to help you to change your mind (repent) and forgive you.  Then rest in His grace, and live to serve Him. 

      Daily read the Bible, starting in the New Testament, and talk to Him.  Pray with all sorts of prayers, like the scripture says.  Listen to music that is about Him, that praises Him, that is clean and uplifting.  Only put before your eyes things that are good for your heart and soul.  Love your neighbor - don't slander or gossip - but love.  Separate yourselves from those who would tempt you or lead you into ways that aren't good.  Tell others what Jesus has done for you.  Be a good example. 

     If you have made this decision, the Bible says that even the angels rejoice over one sinner who repents!  Repent means a 'change of mind', which will result in a change of ways/direction.  Ask the Lord to lead you to a good church that teaches from the Bible verse-by-verse. 

Bless you, my new friend!!

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