I don't have the time right now to add all the information on this, but let me share that cancer feeds on SUGAR!!!!  This is NOT just 'white sugar'.  This also means fruit, honey, maple syrup, agave...etc.  Any kind of sugar or sweetener helps it grow.  Also, CANCER THRIVES AND SURVIVES IN AN ACID ENVIRONMENT, NOT AN ALKALINE ONE!!   That is why so often you will read testimonies on those who have cancer and went on a radical organic veggie juicing diet and were cured.  It alkalizes the body.  Also, there are those (even a gentleman at our church) who killed their cancer by alkalizing with the baking soda/maple syrup method (google this).  I also have an interesting book called, 'World Without Cancer - The Story of Vitamin B17'.  It tells about how vitamin B 17, found in abundance in apricot seeds, cured some of cancer and also how a remote people who have no cancer have been eating these seeds as a staple for years.  Red Skeleton's wife had cancer and was cured this way. 

I do not claim personal experience in these matters, nor do I claim cures for others.  But what I CAN say is that cancer has been cured naturally in many, many cases and even in those who were told to 'put their things in order'.  God still heals today. Sometimes through man, sometimes through natural means (Naaman the Leper had to wash in the river 7 times), and sometimes through supernatural, miraculous means.  The most important thing is, if you have cancer, PRAY AND TRULY SEEK THE LORD ON WHAT TO DO.  FAST AND PRAY AND DON'T DO ANYTHING UNTIL HE SPEAKS!  Trust and believe that He will.