For the Christian...Who is the Director?

 Let me ask a few question:
1. Are you trusting in your health care provider in place of God?
2. Are you disinterested in natural treatments because you don’t want to give up anything, or because you do not want to practice self-discipline?

I am so absolutely thankful for our physicians! These intelligent men and women have spent years of study and put in many late night hours of practice to be able to serve you and I. I love and need my family doctor and my gynecologist! They have been used to save many a life, mine included. I am very grateful for my naturopath. I am thankful for herbalists. But I need to remember that since God is the inventor of my body, He needs to be consulted first. I have heard sad stories from women that make my heart ache so I decided to do what I could to comfort them and redirect them to God as a first source. I have heard from countless women who are at the end of their rope, depressed, suicidal, and without hope after going through surgery after surgery and taking drug after drug – never to find relief. There are other options sometimes.

What have you got to lose by giving natural treatments a shot? You can start by changing your diet, exercising, and taking a quality vitamin supplement (I don’t mean the kind you buy in the grocery store, or even many found in health food stores). These are simple things. At least start there! Then you can pray and ask the Lord to lead you in researching natural treatments for your particular illness or symptoms. Yes, it may take some time and effort on your part. Yes, I will take prayer and patience. Yes, it may take sacrifice and self-discipline; but just give it a chance.

Please note that I am not claiming perfect healing for every single problem. But what are you waiting for? In the time that it took you to read this web page, you could have read some reliable information on glucosamine sulfate, alfalfa, or pantothentic acid for arthritis. You could have read how natural progesterone cream and Omega 3 fish oil have eliminated severe endometriosis pain in multitudes of women. You could have searched for studies showing fibromyalgia patients’ success with diet alteration and food elimination.

Let me give you a few tips. Pray first and then ask the Lord to guide you. If doing research via the internet, type in your symptoms and the word ‘natural treatments’, or type in any natural treatment that you've heard of. Example: ‘heavy bleeding natural treatments’ – or – ‘heavy bleeding raspberry’. If you have a diagnosis, then you can type that in instead of your symptom. Example:
‘simple hyperplasia natural treatment’ – or – ‘simple hyperplasia raspberry’. You probably get the idea. You can also go to
Diagnose Me and click on the button at the bottom of the page, and type in your symptom(s). Web Md is an excellent site as well.

As always…pray first.
Here is an excellent article by Nancy Leigh DeMoss relating to doing God's will/taking care of our bodies:

God is the Great Physician. He is the One who created our bodies and He knows them perfectly. He knows exactly what is wrong with us, and how to fix it – if it be His will. He should be the One we go to first when we are suffering ill health. Have you asked Him to direct you? He may direct us to a medical doctor, a naturopathic physician, an herbalist, a chiropractor, or to our local health food store, but He must be our first stop.



1. Prescription For Nutritional Healing – James and Phyllis Balch.
(Many different ailments and their symptoms, natural treatments, or medical treatments. MY FAVORITE BOOK!)

2. Breast Cancer Source Book – Sandra J. Judd
(Excellent information on breast cancer and some causes.)

3. The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines – Michael Murray
(All sorts of information on usage, safety, and properties of vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, herbs, and other natural products.)

4. The American Pharmaceutical Assoc. ‘Practical Guide to Natural Medicine’ – Andrea Pierce
(Plenty of natural alternatives for particular health issues.)

5. Physician, Heal Thyself – Jordan Rubin
(This man was literally on his death bed with Crones disease.)

6. The Makers Diet – Jordan Rubin
(Written by the same man.)

7. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause - Dr. John Lee
(Women’s female health and various hormonal problems. This is also one of the best books you can buy for female problems of any sort. Much information is given about using natural progesterone cream, which has been a lifesaver for me and hundreds of thousands of other women.)

8. Dr. John Lee’s Hormone Balance Made Simple – John R. Lee and Virginia Hopkins
(Women’s female health/hormones.)

9. Adrenal Fatigue - James L. Wilson
(A MUST READ for any woman suffering long periods of complete fatigue. Low adrenal function is very common, and there IS something you can do about it.)

10.Endometriosis - A Key to Healing Through Nutrition - Diane Mills
(Many women who have endometriosis have been helped and made well by reading this book. It explains endometriosis and how diet and other natural things can alleviate the pain and symptoms.)


1. Adrenal Glands:
Nih Clinical Center

2. Medical Sites:
Web Md Pub Med Merck Source (For medical term definitions. Click on ‘medical dictionary’ on the left side of homepage. Then type in the ailment you are researching.) Merit Care

3. Blood Test Results…What Do They Mean? Reference Ranges:
Reference Ranges Lab Tests Online
(Please keep a record of ALL your bloodwork done. You are legally entitled to this. It is very important to ask for them to fax or mail you a copy. Then keep a file at home and look at the reference ranges for yourself, via these websites, too see if you are near the low end or high end of anything...even if it is not out of range. If you have symptoms and it is only 'near' the low or high end, then pray about looking further into treatment for the problem anyway.)

4. Home test Kits:

a) Saliva tests:
ZRT Labs (Test your hormones at home. For smaller saliva test kits, click on Dr. John Lee's link below and you can buy ZRT's smaller tests on his website.)

b) Stool tests:
Entero Lab (Test for various things via stool.)

c) Various tests:
Home Health Testing (The most comprehensive list of testing you can do at home. The site says their tests are FDA approved.)

5. Herbs:
Herbal Extracts Plus (Information about herbs/their uses/safety/effects in body. Type name of herb in search box, then click on first choice that comes up on next page.)

6. Endometriosis/Other Female Problems:
John Lee Md (natural hormonal treatment, how hormones work.)

7. Head Lice/Body Lice:
Natural Ginesis (Natural lice spray for bedding/furniture. It works and is MUCH safer.)

8. Female Cancer Information:
Cancer Supportive Care (Clinical trials as well as a list of foods that contain estrogen/progesterone properties. In search box, type in ‘estrogen herbs’ or ‘estrogen foods’…etc…then click on second choice (Figures and tables.)

9. Natural/Alternative Treatments for Various Illnesses:
Medline Plus

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